Prime Metro Power Holdings Corporation

Prime Power was incorporated in 2017 to focus on the development of power infrastructure projects. We turn our attention to the development of strategic assets in emerging markets where there is a significant need for new power generation, transmission or distribution in support to the industrial development of local communities.

News and Releases

News and Releases


Umm Qasr Powerplant

Chico JV Co

Chico JVCo

ChicoJVCo is a joint venture company created to develop the 150MW-250MW Chico Hydropower Project in the pursuit of power generation, distribution and infrastructure. Currently at initial stages of development, Prime Power shall undertake the project development, financing and construction and replicated to similar hydropower development projects.

The 150MW Chico HPP run-of river type, located in Bgy. Mabongtot, Lubuagan, Kalinga consists of a 65-m high RCC dam with 4-bay emergency spillways to pass a PMF equivalent to 10,000 year flood. The reservoir area is 157 hectares at the full supply level at Elev. 445m. The power intake structure discharges into a 9-kilometer, 7.3m diameter reinforced concrete tunnel and connected to a steel penstock discharging into the 2-75MW Francis turbines. Design gross head is 135m with a mean daily discharge of 63.5 cumecs per turbine. Annual energy generation is about 615GWh using a plant factor of 47%. A 23-kilometer transmission line will be built and connected into the existing substation at Tabuk City.

Prime Power Energy Solutions (PPES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Metro Power Holdings Corporation (Prime Power), the same group that delivered the Umm Qasr Powerplant through Prime Power Middle East to the Iraqi market. We have partnered with Mesa Solutions, the leader in flared gas technology in the USA, to offer a mobile flare gas energy solution that will provide even greater contribution to the Iraqi Industrial sector, specifically the Oil & Gas sector.

We offer fast and deployable engines that reduce operator costs and flare gas waste. This sustainable energy solution from PPES will provide a consistent, clean and LCOE competitive alternative to the diesel genset market.

Prime Power brings deep knowledge and understanding of the Iraqi market to the table while Mesa Solutions provides operational excellence in the flare gas market and best in class power solutions that enable customers to reduce energy costs as well as increase reliability and operational up-time, all while lowering emissions and decreasing carbon footprint.


Solar Philippines

The Solar Philippines Tarlac Corporation (SPTC) project is a partnership between Solar Philippines Power Project Holdings (SP) and Prime Metro Power Holdings Corporation (Prime Power) to combine their strengths and resources.

Prime Power has currently infused 1.5B Php for the SPTC project and will allow both Solar Philippines and Prime Power to expand the current 100MW solar plant of SPTC and enable the commercialization of over 800HA of land under development for Solar Power. More importantly, it will introduce a strong team to further realize the required energy growth of the country, utilizing local and renewable sources.

Umm Qasr Powerplant

The Umm Qasr Power Plant (“UQPP”) project consist of the design, construction and operation of a 29.34 MW (Phase1) gas fired captive power plant located at Umm Qasr Port, Basra Governorate, Republic of Iraq. The power plant is operated by Menatech Energy Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Metro Power.

Upon commissioning in Q4 2019, UQPP will deliver base load 24/7 power to the Umm Qasr Ports authority zone operated by the General Company for Ports of Iraq (“GCPI”).

The gas for the plant is sourced from Basra Gas Company via a specifically and dedicated pipeline. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract has been awarded to BUTEC SAL, with construction start in February 2019 and commercial operations start in February 2020.